The Spirit Within


I recently joined my fellow Upstream Gallery artists to explore our personal visions of spirituality through our art.

Throughout history, various forms of spirituality with origins in both eastern and western cultures have influenced artists as diverse as the abstract expressionists or the luminist painters of the Hudson River Valley school.  From earliest times, humans have been driven to explore the meaning of the world, and life itself, through art.

Together we undertook a collective conversation about what spirituality means to us today, at a particularly introspective time of year. This conversation was informed by our emphasis on both the visual experience and the feelings expressed within each of us through our art. In making our art, we strove to transcend the physical to arrive at a more meaningful emotive experience and engage the community in our collective vision.

I felt blessed to be a part of the conversation and to share this show with our community in Hastings-on-Hudson.


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